Celia is Kent's wife. Her responsibilities at the winery include accounting, out-of-state compliance, and working with the TTB on label approvals. And chances are good that if you have any communication with the winery, it's her voice on the phone.

But Celia's artistic fires burn ardently; she's fast becoming a popular name in the SF Bay Area music scene as a Traditional Folk singer, Jazz vocalist, and songwriter. She has performed at numerous house concerts, the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley, and The Palms Playhouse in Winters. She is also locally known as a Contra Dance Caller--she teaches this New England style folk dance and "calls" or prompts the dancer to live music. You can visit her website to learn more about her music life.

Celia’s first CD was released in January 2011 (Celia's CD), a second one in March 2012 (Celia's 2nd CD) and she has completed a third - a duo album with Shay Black, brother of Mary Black and one of Ireland's best love musicians, who lives in Berkeley. All three CDs are available on CDBaby.com.

Even though I know how to use a Smartphone, I’d still rather go dancing than watch television, and I find nothing more satisfying than singing with my friends next to a fire. We are here so briefly that missing a single opportunity to connect with people seems a crime. That’s why we drink wine – it softens the hardness of the day, and loosens our tongues so that we may confide in a friend, share the day’s events with a spouse, or sparkle with a lover over a romantic dinner. This is why we are alive – to be together.
— Celia Ramsay